Desert Life

I’ve actually never been to the desert. However, when I think about it, my initial thought would be, “How long would it take me to become severely dehydrated?” Once I get passed that thought, I begin to think survival. That’s where Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs kick’s in.First, my physiological needs. Keeping myself alive and breathing on my own. I need to know where my food supply will be coming from, and figure out how long that supply will last. Also, water. I would hope that there would be a stream of fresh drinking water. If I could use it for drinking, I could definitely use it for other things. Then comes shelter. I would need a very comfortable place to sleep at night. Not to mention a place for excretion.Second, my safety need. How safe would I be? Could I protect myself if I had too? Just how safe would my food, water, and shelter be? What about my health? There are a lot of things to consider while being in the desert. We have to think about those things anyway, but being in the desert, we’d have to think about it even more.Finally, if I could survive the first two levels, then the rest could fall into place as it normally does.


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