Store Policy

Get your updated store policy. You need to do this with every store you shop. Make sure you read the policy very carefully. You need to read this so you know what coupons you can and cannot use. Also, you will know what coupons you can stack if you can stack any at all. Keep these policies in your binder for quick reference. 


The key to couponing is waiting until a store is having a sale, or running a promotion. Then, you use your coupons. Thai is how you are going to save money. Don’t be so quick to use your coupons. You want the best sale you can find. Sometimes that means you have to wait for the next sale.

Double Coupons

Some stores will double your coupons. That means if you have a coupon that is $0.50 off an item, the store will double that and take $1.00 off that item. But, you have to know going in, that you are in that particular store. Because, if you’re not, it’s going to change your entire grocery budget, and you could end up paying more than you had anticipated.

Stack Coupons

This means, when you put a store coupon together with a manufacturer’s coupon and use them both on one particular item. But, you have to remember that you cannot use two manufacturer’s coupons together on one item.

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