Providing For My Needs

How thankful I am, Lord, that I don’t have to depend only on my own resources to provide for my needs. My happiness isn’t dependent upon earthly treasures. Instead, You know very well what I need.

When I do the best I can to make ends meet, I remember I belong to You and You will help me. As I trust in You and share my tithes with You, I will not lack in what You know I need. Thank You for not withholding the good things from me as I follow along Your paths of righteousness. I trust in You.

When I’m tempted to toss and turn because of financial worries, I can cast my cares upon You and thank You already for answers to come. Then as I trust in You, I have a peace greater than anyone can comprehend.

Have You counted the hairs on my head? (I must keep You busy when I tear my hair out from worry. Forgive my distrust, Lord.) Do You really know each time a sparrow falls? How valued am I? Certainly more than a bird, yet they are important, too

Each time I work to make the money stretch, remind me, Lord, to come to You with even the small needs. I know You care about those, too. I praise You for each blessing and miracle You give.

Anita Corrine Donihue


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